Stephanotis is a small white tropical flower that has been a wedding flower favorite for generations.  The main reason,

Stephanotis, still on the plant


aside from it’s charming appearance, is it’s FRAGRANCE.  It is truly amazing how much sweet smell is created and dispersed by such a small flower.

Stephanotis color: stephanotis is always white.

Stephanotis, when used as a wedding flower:

Stephanotis is always wired and taped before being used because its own stems are flimsy and short. Once wrapped with wire, they are favorite for use in bridal bouquets, hair flowers, and corsages.  Anyone wearing one of these beautiful little white flowers will have no need for perfume.

What flowers to arrange with stephanotis:

Because of their star-like shape and leathery texture, they go beautifully with white lilies and white orchids.

Stephanotis are also used as a kind of “jewelry” for the bouquet.  For example, in a bouquet of roses, a few stephanotis added in between look like stars in a sky.

The stephanotis in this bouquet serves as little accent stars throughout...

The stephanotis in this bouquet serves as little accent stars throughout...

Design tip:

The center of the tube-shaped stephanotis and its very strong structure give the floral designer room to play: you can stick the centers with pearl pins or add swarovski crystals down the center for a formal, jewelry look.

Stephanotis season and sources:

Stephanotis is grown in the tropics and imported into mainland USA.  It is available year -round, though may require special-ordering.