Stargazer Lily

The stargazer lily is white with a dark pink center. The flowers are large and exceptionally sweet and strong in

Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily

fragrance.  The flowers are large and striking, with 6 pointed petals.  Stems will carry between 3 and 6 flowers.

The stargazer lily and its use in weddings:

Stargazer lilies are a popular choice for weddings, though the character of the flowers requires consideration in their use.  Because they are strongly fragrant, they should not be used in centerpieces for tables where people will be eating.  Many people feel disturbed by the mix of food smells and flower smells.  This would also apply to the buffet table, and any other area where savory food is served.

The stargazer lily, is however, an excellent choice for guestbook tables, entry way arrangements and use during the ceremony, perhaps in an archway or along the aisle.  In these places, guests will be delighted by the sweet fragrance that wafts through the air.

A Bridal bouquet featuring 1 striking stargazer lily

A Bridal bouquet featuring 1 striking stargazer lily

In using stargazer lilies for the wedding party flowers, the main consideration is their size.  Lillies are too large for use in corsages or boutonnieres, but one or two will look striking in a medium to large bridal bouquet.  They will also overwhelm most hair arrangements, except for the very voluminous where a striking flower is desired.

For decorative arrangements, the stargazer lily is wonderful because of its sweet, wafting fragrance, the striking shape of their flowers, and their tendency to last a very long time (up to 10 days!)

WARNING: The stargazer lily, as with most lilies,  carries a large amount of sticky orange pollen, which, as the flower matures, falls off and dusts whatever is within reach.  THIS POLLEN WILL STAIN.  Therefore, it is important to remove the stamens (little brown to orange tipped green shoots inside) of all open flowers to avoid sad, ruined linens.

TIPS: You can maximize your use of the stargazer lily (and make your money go  a long way!) by taking each lily blossom OFF its stem and treating it as an individual flower.  You can float 1 stargazer lily blossom in a fishbowl for easy, (cheap!) elegance.  Or you can wire-wrap each flower to give it a longer “stem” for use in bridal bouquets.

What if the stargazer lily you’re using hasn’t opened yet?  An opened stargazer lily will always impress more than a closed bud (though they have their uses as well).  If you want your lily to open more before the big day, put the stems in warm water (not scalding! –as warm as it would be comfortable for you) and if it’s warm outside, but them outside but in the shade (never direct sunlight).  You will be surprised at how quickly they open.

What to pair them with:

Stargazer lillies go well with most flowers.  The striking clean shape of their blossoms makes them a nice choice to go along with orchids, especially dendrobium orchids with pink tips.  Try a tied bouquet with roses, calla liles and one nice wire-wrapped star gazer. They can also be beautifully mixed with garden flowers in tall arrangements such as dendrobiums, foxtail lily, irises, and so on.

Stargazer Lily Season and Sources:

The stargazer lily is in season in most places in the summer, and those used commercially in the USA are primarily grown in California.