Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis orchid, also sometimes called butterfly orchid has a very unique appearance –it really does look like a

phalaenopsis, in a range of colors

phalaenopsis, in a range of colors

round winged butterfly.  The shape of this flower gives it many design possibilities: it is flat –most of its interest is 2 dimensional, while still being a very interesting, dynamic flower.  The Phalaenopsis orchid produces its flowers on long, arching spikes that bend with the weight of the flowers.  The spikes will usually carry 3 to 10 flowers.

Colors: Phalaenopsis orchids are most famously white but they can also be magenta, purple or variegated.

Phalaenopsis use in weddings:

Phalaenopsis is a favorite wedding flower. It can be used as a flower spike or as individual flowers, removed from the spike.  The individual flowers, when wire wrapped are perfect for corsages.  One single Phalaenopsis flower placed just right in a bride’s hair can look better than the priciest jewel.  Cascading paleonopsis spikes add drama to bouquets and reception arrangements.

A white phalaenopsis in a brides hair

A white phalaenopsis in a bride's hair

Not only are the Phalaenopsis flowers gorgeous, but the spikes make such a beautiful arch and the leaves themselves are a leather dark green – sometimes the entire Phalaenopsis plant is used as a centerpiece and it is gorgeous!

What to pair them with:

Phalaenopsis orchids look great with all other orchids.  They also complement roses with their interesting softness .  Many Phalaenopsis orchids have a touch of different color around their centers.  Arranging flowers around them that are also of that color, will bring it out, enhancing the contrast and interest.

Phalaenopsis orchid Season and sources:

Phalaenopsis are cold season tropicals.

Price level:

$10 -$18/stem.