2 Cattleya orchids with foliage and accents is all it takes to creat a splendid affect

A few Cattleya orchids with foliage and accents is all it takes to create a splendid affect

Orchids are increasingly popular and important wedding flowers.  They offer an alternative to the soft and frilly.

Orchids  are alluring, smooth textured and dynamically shaped.  Some look like elaborate insects or butterflies.  Some varieties of orchid are so big and exquisite, just one can comprise an entire bridal bouquet (for example the Cattleya orchid).

Orchids are also popular to put in a bride’s hair: just a few blossoms can make a striking statement.

Orchid Colors: Orchids come in a wide range of colors from white, to green, rust red, vibrant magenta, deep royal blue, dappled yellow and more.

What to Mix orchids with: Orchids can be mixed with softer, more traditional wedding flowers like roses and lilies, adding drama and interest.  They can also be used with foliage and tropicals for a more androgynous look.  Orchids are a staple of contemporary flower arrangements.

Popular orchid varieties for weddings include dendrobium orchid, phaleonopsis orchid, cymbidium orchid, cattleya orchid

A bouquet of mixed orchids

A mix of different varieties of orchid including dendrobium and phaleonopsis