Hyacinths are beautiful spring flowers that are most distinguished for their intense, sweet fragrance.  They have many

A close up of a blue Hyacinth

A close up of a blue Hyacinth

tiny florets on a short dense spike.  The stems are smooth and contain a lot of water.

Hyacinth colors: hyacinth can be found in blues, purples, pinks and whites

Hyacinth and its use as a wedding flower:

Hyacinth is a very good flower for low arrangements – like a centerpiece or cake flowers, etc.  Since the stems are not very long, they won’t show their best in large arrangements. Hyacinth can also be used nicely in hand tied bouquets.

Design Tip: The florets of a hyacinth can actually be used individual if wire-wrapped.  Remove a few of them and they can add great details to boutonnieres and corsages

Purple bridal bouquet with hyacinth

Purple bridal bouquet with hyacinth

Complementary flowers to arrange hyacinth with:

Hyacinths look really nice with all spring flowers, especially hydrangea and stock that complement their texture.

Hyacinth season and sources:

Hyacinth is available at its best in spring and is grown in the USA and Holland

Price level:

$3 -$6/ stem