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Welcome to 1001 Wedding Flowers

Choosing the flowers for your wedding is a way of expressing yourself. You have the chance to show all who know you a bit about you.

This website intends to provide you with all the tools, information and resources you will need to make sure your wedding flowers are exactly what you’d always dreamed they would be.

Here you will find lots of inspiration on different designs of wedding flowers, from classic to chic to totally unexpected. You will be able to browse through hundreds of photos to get inspiration and ideas. You may find that looking at pictures is also a great way to help you define for yourself what it is that you want. You can also refer friends, family and florists to this site to help you communicate your wishes.

On 1001 Wedding Flowers, you will also get a sense of what different floral arrangements might cost, that way you can set your expectations or your budget early on. You will also find useful information on all popular flowers used in floral arrangements, listed individually; information like: how long the flowers last, what their fragrance is like, whether they need to stay in water and everything else that is directly related to wedding flowers.

And finally, once you’re all set with which wedding flowers you want, you can get a sense of the florists in your area with our local listings. If you enter your location, we will provide you with a list of florists near you with their contact information, website, and if possible, photographs of samples of their work and testimonials.

This site is being created by a former florist, who knows the business and has been delighted to be a part of many brides and helping them to create their special day. We know how much delight the right wedding flowers can bring to a bride, and we are so happy to be able to share that knowledge and consultation with all brides on the internet.