Gardenias are one of the most classic wedding flowers.  Their white, perfect twirling petals and dark, glossy green foliage make them look almost as if they were porcelain.  The scent of gardenia is also very strong and sweet – it has

Gardenia - naturally perfect...

Gardenia - naturally perfect...

inspired perfumes and poetry for hundreds of years.

Gardenia Colors: Gardenia is a white flower.

Using gardenia as a wedding flower:

Gardenias are not usually used on their own stems, which tend to be short and flimsy.  The whole flower (often with a few leaves) is taken and wire-wrapped, effectively giving it a long wire stem.  It can then be used in bouquets, since the flowers will last without water for several hours and still look beautiful.  Gardenias are also very popular choices for corsage flowers and for decorating the bride’s hair.

Design tip: Gardenias are a perfect choice for brides planning a “vintage theme”.  Gardenias were widely used form the 30’s to the 60’s.  Put one in your hair and in the groom’s buttonhole.

One Gardenia in an entire bouquet is all that was needed

One Gardenia in an entire bouquet is all that was needed

What other flowers will go nicely with gardenia: White roses look perfect with gardenias.  So does stephanotis and all white colored tropicals.  Gardenia is also perfectly capable of standing on its own, on a backdrop of dark green glossy foliage.

Gardenia Season and Sources:

Gardenias are grown in greenhouses commercially and can be special ordered.  However, the best time to get them is when they are blooming outdoors, which is in the spring and summer.  In temperate climates, they can be grown in gardens.

Gardenia Price level:

3$ -$7 /blossom