Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium orchids are one of the most popular orchids for use in weddings.  They come on long, dramatic spikes

Monochromatic, purple dendrobium orchids are simple and elegant if gathered together freely

Monochromatic, purple dendrobium orchids are simple and elegant if gathered together freely

containing 5 to 15 blossoms.  The blossoms themselves look like pointed wings, and some think they can see a little face or a mouth at their center.

Colors: Dendrobium orchids are commonly white, purple, dark red or white with purple tips.  Dendrobium orchids are also sometimes dyed electric blue or teal.

Dendrobium Orchids use in weddings:

The flowers of the dendrobium orchid can be used either as a complete spike or as individual blossoms, removed from their stem.  The individual orchid blossoms are often wire wrapped and used beautifully in corsages and boutonniers, as well as wired bridal bouquets and bridesmaid bouquets.  One or two dendrobium flowers is a bride’s hair add exotic , beautiful detail.

Dendrobiums are perfect for cascading bridal bouquets

Dendrobium orchids are perfect for the tip of a cascading bridal bouquet

The orchid spikes are exquisite in floral arrangements for buffets or centerpieces. They should be arranged so that the first of the blossoms on the spike  is “flush” with the rest of the flowers, so that the rest shoots up (or down) into the open air.  The dendrobium orchid flowers are too beautiful to let be buried!    Dendrobium orchid spikes are also exquisite when used in cascading bridal bouquets.  The spike of the orchid points down when the bride carries the bouquet at a 90 degree angle.

That to pair them with:

Dendrobium orchids look exceptionally beautiful with lilies of the same color.  They are also a classic with roses. Gloriosa lilies and all other tropical flowers and orchids look perfect with them.

Orchid Seasons and Sources:

Orchids are grown in greenhouses in tropical climates like Hawaii and southeast asia.  They can be found all year round.

Price Level:

A brides hair, delicately decorated with a few dendrobium blossoms

$6 -$12/ stem