Daffodils are perhaps the happiest flowers on earth. They have an interesting characteristic shape of a tube pointed up

Happy mix of daffodils

Happy mix of daffodils

from the center, surrounded by 5 pointed horizontal petals.  Different members of the daffodil family (narcissus) will have these features in varying proportions.  They have thick juicy stems and will do best if kept in water.

Colors: Daffodils come in yellow, white and combinations of yellow, white and orange.

The use of daffodils in weddings:

Daffodils add  a sunny aspect to bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquets.  Daffodils do not last long wire wrapped, and their stems are easily torn an bruised – so it’s best to include daffodils in hand tied bouquets.

Daffodils are also great additions to table centerpieces and other low level arrangements that are observed up close.

Warning: Daffodils are, in fact poisonous, so do not arrange them in such a way that they will come into contact with food, e.g don’t have them as cake flowers.

What to arrange them with:

Daffodils look lovely with all spring flowers.  Nothing says spring like a mix of daffodils, tulips, iris and hyacinth.  If

Many yellow daffodils bunched together in one bouquet can look really nice!

Many yellow daffodils bunched together in one bouquet can look really nice!

yellow is one of your wedding colors, mix yellow daffodils with yellow tulips and yellow roses.

Daffodil Season and Sources:

Daffodils are available, beautiful and affordable in the spring and are commercially grown in the USA.

Price level:

$1 -$3/stem