Cymbidium Orchids

A wired bridal bouquet entirely of pink cymbidiums

A wired bridal bouquet entirely of pink cymbidiums

Cymbidium orchids are a beautiful, luxurious choice for a wedding flower.  Cymbidium orchids grow on spikes of 5 – 25 flowers – each of which is a heavy, exquisite masterpiece on its own.  Cymbidiums, as with many orchids give the impression of an exotic insect or a tiny face.  The petals are smooth and thick – these flowers make a statement.

Colors of cymbidium: Cymbidium orchids are most commonly found in shades of pink, white, yellow,cream, green, and dark burnt red.

The use of Cymbidium as a wedding flower:

Cymbidiums are increasingly popular for use in bridal bouquets, especially when the individual flowers on an orchid spike have been removed and wired. They will also make very luxurious looking corsages and some brides will put 1 or two in their hair.  Entire flower spikes can, of course, also be used in larger arrangements, and will usually bend down with their weight.  Because truly green flowers are sometimes hard to find, for those weddings where green flowers are wanted, green cymbidium orchids are a popular choice.

Design tip: remove the cymbidium flowers from their stems and float 1 -3 in a low glass bowl for a striking but simple centerpiece.

What to pair them with: cymbidium orchids are so gorgeous, a few blossoms will put on a show by themselves.  However, the go nicely with most other flowers, especially other orchids and dramatic tropical foliage.

price level:

$15- $35/ stem